Internet Publishing

At FMVG we are in the business of publishing online or via the Internet. What you may ask? All sorts of things from static pages to spiced up flashy web sites, to videos, movies, and music. And when we're done publishing the content we have, we're hard at work creating and integrating technologies that deliver informational messages right on to your computer screen, email account, and social media page. No matter what we do, our goal is to do things better, faster, cheaper, and be more innovative than the rest of the guys out there.

Getting curious? Here are some of our recent and ongoing projects...

  • Wild Jester - Dedicated to making people laugh, Wild Jester brings humor in various formats to your computer screen or mobile device.
  • Direct Promoter - Email marketing is the most cost effective method to get information out about new products and services. Some say the return-on-investing (ROI) in email marketing is $44 for every $1 spent on average. Direct Promoter is a massively scalable multi-user platform that is capable of delivering 1 million messages every day.
  • Twist Flix - The future of the movie distribution business is direct sales online, digital downloads, and instant live streaming rentals on mobile devices and personal computers. Twist Flix is a system that does just that and it's affordable so independent filmmakers can access it, and global so their audience can too.